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Recycle for Dundee

Grey Bin (General Waste) Every 2 weeks
Blue Bin (Paper, Card) Every 4 weeks
Burgundy Bin (Plastics, Metal and Cartons) Every 3 weeks
Brown Bin (Garden Waste)
There will be no garden waste collections in December, JanuaryΒ and February
Brown Bin (Garden Waste)Β charges start March 2020 - Visit Garden Waste ChargingΒ page
Every 2 weeks
Food Waste Weekly

GlassΒ is collected fromΒ the local recycling points.

What happens to your recycling?

For more information about what goes into each bin, please refer to the following:

Recycle for Dundee leaflet - kerbside usersΒ 

Recycle for Dundee leaflet - communal property users