Uncovering The Classics

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Tuesday mornings 10-12 noon for four weeks 16th November - 7th December 2021

Certain novels are known as "classics" because they have "survived". Many books are quickly forgotten but those that endure usually do so because they are really good and have been enjoyed by several generations of readers. Their titles and their authors are widely known and often quoted. In truth, though, there are plenty of 'classics⿝ which need to be revisited. Maybe we never actually got round to reading them, even though we rather wish we had. Others we read when we were young and perhaps did not fully appreciate them. This short course aims to look again at four novels. The life and work of the author will be examined before focusing on the book itself and the issues it raises: often surprisingly relevant today. Time will be left for discussion.

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Tuesday 7th December 2021 10:00am