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Urban Foxes

Living with urban foxes

Foxes in an urban area can cause a range of reactions amongst residents, some loathe them, some love them.

The aim of this leaflet is to explain the types of problems that can be caused by foxes; put the extent of the problem into perspective and give some practical advice on how to alleviate or possibly eliminate any such problems. You can then decide on how much time and energy you wish to invest relative to the scale of the problem.

Much of the technical information about urban foxes has been provided by Professor Stephen Harris of the University of Bristol, where most of his research has been carried out on foxes.

The Council has provided a Pest Control Service in Dundee for more than 25 years. The Pest Control Unit is widely recognised within the industry and other local authorities for its knowledge and authoritative approach in dealing with pest related issues.

Our team of Pest Control Officers have a wide experience in delivering a full range of pest proofing and pest control treatments and carry over 7000 visits per year.

For further information or advice, details on charges, and for arranging treatment, please contact the Pest Control Section on 01382 436288.


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