Lockups/Garage Plots to Rent

Interested in Renting a Lockup or a Garage Plot? 

Dundee City Council has a number of lockups/garage plots for rent in estates throughout the city. They are available to any resident of Dundee who owns a car, motorbike, moped or small van, even if they are not Council tenants. If you are allocated a lockup you will be asked to provide proof of identity and the vehicle registration document.  Please note: Lockups cannot be used for storage.

To apply, download an application form:

and send it to the appropriate Housing Offices. To find out what's available or if you have any questions please contact a Housing Office.


The rent is charged weekly over a 52 week period.


Council tenants pay the weekly charge but not VAT -  £8.77
Non-council residents pay the weekly charge plus VAT - £10.52

Garage Plots

Weekly charge is £2.54 for council / non-council residents

Location of Lockups / Garage Plots

If any queries regarding location of lock-up and/or garage plots, please contact the district office on 01382 307401, option 5.