Working with Dundee Association of Council House Owners (DACHO)

We will:

  • Meet with DACHO regularly to discuss strategic issues.  The Convener of Housing will be invited to meetings every quarter.
  • Formally review the Charter every two years with DACHO unless mutually agreed otherwise.
  • Jointly agree priority action items for inclusion in the Housing Service Plan and identify any likely impact on owners in the City.
  • Hold operational meetings to progress priorities agreed in the Housing Service Plan.
  • Develop an owners' manual that will be issued to all new owners who purchase from the Council.
  • Give 3 years’ notice before we carry out major improvements or repairs, followed by detailed information about the work.
  • Carry out customer satisfaction surveys on major projects and share results with DACHO.  We will agree action plans arising from the findings.
  • Meet the standards set out in the Housing Services Standards, and ensure staff are aware that these standards apply equally to tenants and owners.
  • Agree 10 days’ notice prior to meetings unless mutually agreed otherwise.