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Dundee City Council has a Good Neighbour Charter that all new tenants are asked to sign.  We expect owners and/or their tenants to be good neighbours.

As a good neighbour you are:

  • Expected to show consideration for your neighbours and not to cause a nuisance to them, their guests or Council staff.
  • Responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.
  • Expected to take your turn to keep any shared areas (such as staircases, entrances, gardens and drying areas) clean and tidy.
  • Expected to keep pets under control and have the required permission to keep them.
  • Expected not to use your home for business purposes, without permission.
  • Expected to only park vehicles in appropriate areas, not on drying greens, gardens or common ground.

If you have problems with your neighbours that you cannot resolve yourself you can get help and advice from the Council's Antisocial Behaviour Team  Advice Line, Tel: 0800 169 3845 or 01382 307342.