Housing Options in Dundee - Your right to a review of your homeless decision

Although we will follow homelessness law and Scottish Executive guidance when we make a decision on your homelessness application you have the right to request a review of our decision. Requesting a review means that you think we have made the wrong decision or that we have not had enough information to make the right decision on your case.

Which decision can be reviewed?

You can ask for a review of our decision on your homelessness application for the following reasons:

  • Any decision that refers to which duties (if any) the local authority owe to you
  • Any decision concerning notifying or referring your application to another local authority
  • Any offer of housing where you feel that the accommodation is:
    • Overcrowded and may endanger the health of the occupants
    • Does not meet the special needs of yourself or a member of your household
    • Is not reasonable for you to occupy Dundee City Council Homeless Services Unit

How doΒ I request a review?

You have 21 days from the date of your decision letter to request a review.

  • Requests for a review of a decision on homelessness should be made in writing and must include your reasons for disagreeing with our decision.
  • You can do this yourself or get a friend or advice agency to help.

All requests for a review should be addressed to:

Dundee City Council
5Β City Square
Dundee DD1 3BA

What happens next?

We aim to carry out reviews within 14 days of receiving your request. Your review will be carried out by a Senior Housing Officer who was not involved in making the original decision on your application. Any information you supply in support of your application will be taken into account at this time.

If you wish to attend a review in person to explain your reasons for disagreeing with our decision please tell us when you request the review. If you do wish to attend in person you will be entitled to take a friend or representative with you.


You will be informed of our decision on your review in writing. We will state our reasons and how we came to this decision in the letter. Please note you do not have the right of a further review of this decision.

Temporary accommodation

If you are living in temporary accommodation provided by Dundee City Council you will have the right to remain there while we carry out the review of your case.

Advice and assistance

It may be in your interests to seek help before requesting a review of our decision. Advice and assistance with housing matters is available from a number of solicitors in Dundee. There are also local agencies that can give you free independent advice. You will find contact details in the Housing Information and Advice section of this guide.