Housing Options in Dundee - Where to find properties to rent

There are several ways to look for properties to rent

  • Local newspapers and 'free ad' papers
    • Dundee's local papers' main property ads are in on Thursday
  • Shop windows
  • Supermarket community noticeboards
  • Letting agencies/Estate agents
  • Internet websites
    • Search for rented accommodation, letting agents, private renting, flats to rent
  • By word of mouth
    • Ask your family, friends, work colleagues if they know of any properties to rent
  • Advertise yourself
    • In the local newspaper, shop/supermarket
  • Dundee Homefinder Service

Be safe when viewing properties

  • Take someone with you
  • If you can't
    • Let someone know the details of where you are going
    • Take a mobile phone with you and ring a friend/family when you get there and when you are leaving