Housing Options in Dundee - Notification and decision of your homeless assessment

We aim to give you a decision in writing about your application within 28 days of your first interview. This may be longer in some cases where we have had to gather more information from other sources to provide detail and evidence to your case (e.g. asking for medical information from your doctor).

The notification letter will state what decision has been made and will explain the reasons for the decision. It will also give you information about what happens next and what to do if you want to appeal against the decision.

If you are assessed as being homeless, we will advise our Lettings Centre who will find suitable housing for you that meets your needs. We will do our best to find you a house in the area you want, but the amount of stock we have available is limited in many areas of the town. We may also be able to make referrals on your behalf to Housing Associations.

When we offer you a property you will be given a date for viewing the house. If you accept this offer and your personal belongings are in our storage, we will arrange for them to be moved to your new home. If you are considering refusing an offer you should contact the Lettings Centre immediately to discuss the reasons why you think it does not meet your needs.

If you are assessed as not being in priority need, we have a duty to provide you with enhanced advice and information of the possible housing options for you. This will include advice on Council housing through the normal mainstream housing list, the possibility of Housing Association accommodation and also the private sector (e.g. private landlords) within the city. We can help you to complete application forms if needed.