Housing Options in Dundee - Moving out of rented accommodation

When you want to move out of rented accommodation it is important to give appropriate notice to your landlord. You should check your tenancy agreement to find out what kind of notice must be given.

When you move out, you must :

  • Make sure you are up to date with all payments to your landlord and other bills are paid, e.g. utility bills, Council Tax
  • Go through the inventory and make sure any damaged fittings or furniture are repaired or replaced, if you don’t do this your landlord may hold back all or some of the deposit
  • Check the inventory with the landlord
  • Take meter readings and tell the utility companies that you are moving
  • Clean the property and remove all of your possessions
  • Take photographs of the property to prove you left it in good order
  • Hand back all the sets of keys you were given when you moved in. If you don’t you may be recharged for a lock change
  • Reclaim your deposit