Housing Options in Dundee - Dundee's Homeless Service

We realise that there are many reasons why you may find yourself with nowhere to stay or are in danger of losing your home. Whatever the reason we can offer you free advice and assistance to prevent you from becoming homeless and can help you if you do become homeless.

Our Homeless Services UnitΒ is based at the East District Housing Office. It is a one-door advice, information and accommodation service for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. We understand that being homeless or being in danger of losing your home is difficult and traumatic. Our aim is to offer a service that is sympathetic to your situation as well as meeting our statutory duties.

When you contact us the first thing we will do is interview you to assess your current situation. We will offer you an appointment to be interviewed within three working days, or if you are β€˜roofless’ you will be seen on the same day. The interview will take place, in private, in theΒ East District Housing Office.Β Depending on your circumstances we may carry out the interview somewhere else that is suitable.

Our homeless officers will:

  • Provide you with free, confidential, information and advice on all aspects of homelessness
  • Provide you with a range of housing options
  • Provide you with benefit advice to maximise your income
  • Where possible, help to prevent you from becoming homeless
  • Give you support and guidance to find solutions to your housing problems
  • Arrange referrals to other housing providers and support agencies
  • Provide temporary accommodation if you have no place to stay