Housing Options in Dundee - Being a Good Neighbour

Wherever you are living you should be considerate to your neighbours. Living in a flat brings special responsibilities as you may have neighbours above/below and beside you.

  • Keep shared landings and stairways free from obstructions as this can be a fire or safety hazard
  • Take your turn in keeping the stairs/landings/bin areas clean
  • Put rubbish in the bins provided. Call Dundee City Council on 433710 Option 1Β and they'll tell you which day your bins will be collected.
  • Everyone deserves to enjoy their home quietly and peacefully.
    • You must not make too much noise or disturb your neighbours and you must make sure that anyone living with you or visiting you behaves in a reasonable way
    • If you neighbours are noisy and you don’t want to approach them you can get advice from your landlord or from the Antisocial Behaviour Advice Line 0800 169 3845