Housing Options in Dundee - Are you intentionally homeless?

You may be assessed as intentionally homeless if you were responsible in some way for becoming homeless through your own actions.

This could include antisocial behaviour, unwilling to pay your rent or not acting on advice that would have prevented you becoming homeless. We also take into account whether it would have been reasonable to expect, or to have expected for you to have stayed in your accommodation.

Before making an intentionally homeless decision, the Council will take into account all factors in the case and make a judgement on that basis.

The Council still has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation for a reasonable period to allow you to find permanent accommodation even if you have been assessed as intentionally homeless. Our Homeless Officer will provide you with more information about this once the decision letter has been sent.

You are not considered to be intentionally homeless if you had to leave the property due to violence or the threat of violence, or through harassment due to religion, sexual orientation, and race, colour, ethnic or national origin.