Frequently Asked Questions about the Grant Application Process

There are a few questions we'd like to ask before filling in an application form. Who can we speak to?
Please contact the officer named on the web page about the specific grant you're interested in. They will be happy to answer your questions.

When can applications for grant funding be submitted?
Funding is available each year starting in April. When a grant fund is used up for the year, we will publish that information on the appropriate web page.

How do we apply for a grant?
You can apply for a grant by submitting your application form online here or by printing, completing and posting an MS Word version of the form (55KB). The postal address for each grant is given on the relevant web page. Please make sure that the person who's named on your application form is happy to be the key contact with Dundee City Council and authorised by the group or organisation to undertake this role.

How will we know that you've received my application form?
If you submit your form online, we will send you an email immediately to let you know we've received the form. If you choose to send your application form by post we'll let you know within a week of receiving it.

What happens after the application is submitted?
The Lead Officer (whose name you will find in the details about the grant) and colleagues will assess your application against the key criteria for that specific grant. A decision will be made as to whether your application progresses to the next stage, (a Grant Assessment Meeting), or not. If the application fails to meet the key criteria, you will be informed in writing (email or letter) and given reasons for the decision.

If your application meets the criteria to go forward, you will be invited to a Grant Assessment meeting, within the next four weeks. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your application in detail with the council officers, to bring additional supporting information with you and to submit any essential documentary evidence required by the conditions of funding (for example, the constitution of your group, a copy of accounts), and of course, the details of the bank account into which funds may be transferred. If all conditions are met and the Grant Assessment Panel agree to support your application, you will be notified in writing and asked to complete and return the Grant Acceptance Form which will be sent to you.

How long do we have to wait until the money is transferred?
If grant awarded is under £1,000 the money will be released to you within one week of the signed Grant Acceptance Form being received by Dundee City Council.

If the Grant is over £1,000, the award must be evaluated by a Council Committee - this process may take up to two months.

If we are awarded funding, what information do we need to give you about the success of our project and how we spent the money?

When funding is awarded, the Lead Officer will tell you exactly what feedback is required. This will depend on the type of grant awarded and the amount of money you are given. For Community Safety grants, for example, a report template will be given to you for completion.