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Most employers would have no trouble in agreeing that ideally they would like their employees to be healthy. Healthy people are more likely to be happy, motivated, and obviously, take less time off work, so adding to the productivity of the company.

We all know we have an ageing population in this country and it’s vital that we do everything we can to support physical and mental well-being.

The Healthy Working Lives Programme encourages companies to achieve a healthier workplace by supporting workplaces in thinking about how health and well-being can be actively promoted within the workplace.

The programme has three levels – bronze, silver and gold and all the advice and information required to progress through the levels is provided free of charge by the Tayside Healthy Working Lives Team.

The team can also provide support to workplaces who employ less than 250 people with regard to health and safety issues and workplace hazards. This confidential service is also provided free of charge.

The team can offer training and information and awareness sessions for local companies who want to get involved.

Companies will see benefits in both the long and short term as absenteeism improves, accidents and hazards at work are reduced and a healthier, more motivated workforce is created. It is also good for the company's image. Completing an award shows both its workforce and its customers that they care about their employees.

Find out more about the programme by contacting your local Healthy Working Lives Team on Dundee 01382 424093 / 424057 or contacting the national advice line 0800 019 2211.