Food Premises Inspections and Food Standards Inspections

Food Hygiene Inspections

The purpose of food hygiene inspections is to find out if food is being handled and produced hygienically; is safe to eat; and to identify factors which have the potential to cause food poisoning or injury. Food businesses in the Dundee area include manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, takeaways, cafes, retail shops, fishmongers, butchers etc.

Some food premises and businesses present a higher risk to the consumer depending on the nature of the food prepared and the food safety measures in place. We will often deal with any minor breaches in an informal manner. If contraventions are more serious, or there is an immediate health risk, then there is a range of formal procedures that can be used if necessary.

Premises are rated in a scheme of priority classification. This is used to determine the relative extent of risk presented by food businesses and from this a minimum frequency of inspection is established.

When can an authorised officer enter food premises?

An authorised officer has a right to enter a food premises at all reasonable hours and whenever the premises is in operation on producing, if so required, proof of his or her authority.

Follow Up Visits

In any programmed inspection if significant contraventions are found a further visit to check on compliance will be carried out.

Food Standards Inspections

Food standards inspections establish whether legal requirements covering quality, composition, labelling, presentation and advertising of food are being met. Materials or articles in contact with food are also covered.


The sampling of foods for chemical analysis and microbiological examination will be used as a monitoring and investigative tool in food law enforcement.

Licensing visits

Premises, food vehicles and events requiring licences are assessed for compliance with food safety legislation. Examples include:

  • Late hours catering licence
  • Street Traders licence
  • Public Entertainment licence
  • Occasional licence

Combined Inspections

Wherever practicable programmed inspections will be combined. For example food hygiene inspections will be combined with:

  • a food standards inspection;
  • another visit for food hygiene purpose (e.g. to investigate a complaint)
  • Licensing visits.

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