Compostable Food Waste Liners

Wasting food costs the average household £470 a year, rising to £600 for a family with children.

Using your food waste service can help you see how much food waste you are producing and save you money.

Each property with the weekly food waste collection will receive a 7 litre kitchen caddy and either a larger, external caddy for kerbside properties or access to a communal bin for flats and tenements.

Lining your kitchen caddy will keep it clean, reduce odours, and make it easier to put your food waste into the external caddy or communal bin for collection.

With the average household using 2-3 liners per week a roll of liners should last up to 3 months.

Compostable Food liner symbolMany shops and online retailers stock compostable food waste liners which can be used to line your food waste caddy provided they feature the compostable seed logo.

Please do not use black or dark bin liners or double bag food waste as caddies need to be easily checked at the kerbside.

Ordinary plastic bags can be used to line your caddy as these can be easily removed at the processing plant.

If you prefer, you can use newspaper to line your kitchen caddy. The diagram below shows one of the simplest ways to line your caddy with newspaper although there are a variety of methods. The newspaper with food waste wrapped inside can then be added directly to your external container.

Lining your kitchen bucket instructions