Burial Ground Charges (including Woodland Burials)

April 2023-24

Following the introduction of new Government policy, burial charges only apply for burials undertaken for those age 18 and over.

Interments in Purchased Ground Usual Hours Saturdays
Age 17 years and under £0.00 £0.00
18 and over £687.50 £1,044.00
Fee for extra depth £84.00  
Interment of cremated remains £220.00 £328.00
Interments in Semi-Private Grounds Usual Hours Saturdays
Age 17 and under £0.00 £0.00
Adult - 18 years and over £450.00 £659.00
Sale of Lair    
Fees for sale of lair
(inclusive of headstone foundation)
Fee for title deeds £82.50  
Fee for perpetuities £766.00  
Total £1,645.50  
Sale of Half Lair Birkhill and
Pitkerro Grove
Perth Road
Fee for half lair
(inclusive of headstone foundation)
£410.50 £291.50
Fee for title deed £82.50 £82.50
Fee for perpetuities on half lair £527.00 £527.00
Total £1020.00 £901.00
Additional Fees Charge
Interment of still born children in Purchased or Semi-Private Lairs No charge
Permission to Scatter Ashes £59.00
Exhumation Fee 150% of Interment Fee
applicable at date of exhumation
Supply of Duplicate Title Deed Certificate £82.50
Family history research fee £43 per hour
Ad hoc queries £10
Memorial Fees Fee
Permission and Inspection Fee £238.00
Foundation fee £119.00
Memorial Mason registration fee £216.00
Memorial plaques Various
New Ashes Lair with Interment, Mon-Fri £1,240.00
New 6 ft Lair with Interment £2,333.00
New 7 ft Lair with Interment £2,417.00