Assisted Collection

An assisted collection is the collection of a refuse container(s) by the collection crew from an agreed point at the householder’s address and return of the said empty container(s) back to the agreed point.
The Council operates this collect and return service for people who are unable to present domestic bins out for collection.

To qualify for the service, one of the following criteria must be met:

  • Aged 70 or over; OR
  • Unable to move the bin owing to illness or infirmity; OR
  • Unable to access communal bins owing to illness or infirmity

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Replacement Purple Stickers for existing Assisted Collection

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Should an able-bodied person aged 16+ years be resident in the household, it is expected that the able-bodied resident present the refuse container(s) at their usual collection point.

The Council maintains an overall list of all households within the city requiring assisted collections.

This list is regularly updated to ensure crews have accurate information at their disposal to enable them to undertake the appropriate collections.

In order to undertake these updates, the Council may contact residents periodically in order to ascertain their ongoing requirement for the service.

The Council reserves the right to withdraw this service if it has reason to believe a resident is no longer eligible.  

This service does not apply to food waste collections.