Additional Bin Permits for General Waste Collections and Side Waste Policy

In recent years, many Scottish local authorities have introduced policies aimed at limiting the amount of general waste arising from households by encouraging residents to recycle as much as possible. These policies include limiting the number of general waste bins available to households and discouraging the presentation of extra waste beside bins.

Changes to Dundee’s kerbside collection services over the past few years have resulted in a gradual increase in our recycling rate, however it is important that we continue to take steps to minimise the amount of waste we create and to dispose of our waste as sustainably as possible.

To further our goal to meet Scotland’s zero waste ambitions, two new policies have been introduced. The changes will be rolled out across the city in phases over the second half of 2021. Letters detailing the changes will be issued to affected households prior to the start of each phase.

What is the Additional General Waste Bin Scheme?

Following the introduction of this policy, our waste collection teams will empty only one general waste bin from each household unless residents have obtained, and are displaying, a valid permit on their additional bin.

If a household falls into one of the categories described below and requires an additional general waste (grey) bin, they must make a permit application.

Apply Online Now

Please note that households will need to submit evidence to support their application. If you are unable to apply online, or have any queries regarding the scheme, applications can be made over the phone by calling Customers Services on 01382 433710 (option 6).

The criteria for receiving the additional bin service are:

  • Six or more permanent residents in the household, or
  • Two or more children in the household using disposable nappies, or
  • A permanent resident has a medical condition that generates extra waste.

Qualifying households will be issued with a permit sticker to be displayed on their additional bin.

Any additional general waste bins presented for collection without a valid permit will not be emptied.

What is the ‘No Side Waste’ Policy?

Side waste will no longer be collected once the change is implemented. This is any excess waste that is presented alongside or on top of a household’s refuse bin. Side waste typically contains recyclable materials wrongly presented as general waste. To help free up space in your grey bin, you should not add any recyclable items to it. The date this takes effect will be displayed on the letter issued to you.

All waste presented for collection must be contained within the appropriate bins and not presented as ‘side waste’.

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