Dundee Care and Repair

Care and Repair is an important service for people living in private sector housing. The aim of Dundee Care & Repair (DC&R) is to improve the quality of life for older people and people of any age with disability or chronic illness, who are living in unsatisfactory housing conditions. This can be achieved by the provision of practical advice and assistance with necessary improvements and repairs, which will allow clients to remain comfortably and safely in their own homes. Dundee Care & Repair is part of the Council's Scheme of Assistance for Private Sector Housing (151KB PDF)

Enquiries to Dundee Care & Repair
Enquiries can be made by telephone, by letter, or in person at the front desk of our office, and will result in advice being given or a Small Repairs Award or a Care & Repair Grant.

The outcome of the enquiry is dependent upon the nature of the proposed work, whether or not the person qualifies for financial assistance and the cost of the proposed work.

Contact Details

Dundee Care and Repair Team
Email: private.sector@dundeecity.gov.uk
Tel: 01382 436895