Council Tax Scams and Fraud

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You may receive Council Tax scams by telephone or email. If you have concerns about a telephone call or email do not reply or give them any information.

You should end the call and phone the Council Tax team on 01382 431205.

Action Fraud has further information about all kinds of fraud and how to report fraud and cybercrime.

We will update this page as we become aware of new scams. These are just a few of the ones known to us.

The "paid too much Council Tax" scam

The scammers tell you that you have paid too much Council Tax and that you can claim the cash back for a small fee. They will ask for your bank details so you can have the tax repaid into your account.

The "property in the wrong band" scam

The scammers tell you that your property is in the wrong Council Tax band. You are then told you are due a refund, asked for a fee to release the money and for your bank details. GOV.UK has further information about this scam.

The "due a reduction or refund" scam

The scammers tell you that you are due a Council Tax reduction and refund. The scammer tells you that they need an initial payment from you to release the refund or your banking details to facilitate a refund.

The council will never telephone or e-mail you for your bank details or ask for a payment in order to release a Council Tax overpayment.


  • Give your bank details to anyone who cold calls you.
  • Let anyone into your home without seeing appropriate identification.
  • Feel under pressure from a cold-caller to pay an immediate up-front fee. Take the time you need to think about it.
  • Accept cold callers' claims about your band without seeing evidence or proof of what they are claiming.
  • Deal with anyone that is reluctant to give you their company address or contact details.