Air Quality Pollutants

The latest Air Quality Strategy published in July 2007 establishes the framework for air quality improvements across the UK. The strategy sets out the Air Quality Standards and Objectives which have been set in order to measure the improvement of air quality. The objectives adopted in Scotland are based on the Air Quality Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2007 for the purpose of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)

The following air quality pollutants are contained in the Scottish Regulations with levels within Dundee City Council assessed under the LAQM regime. Only Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) in the form of (PM10) are routinely monitored in Dundee. The final two pollutants are not currently included in the Scottish Regulations and therefore are not monitored within Dundee City Council however are referred to in the National Air Quality Strategy.

Pollutants currently not included in Scottish Regulations


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