Air Quality and Land Use Planning

Dundee City Council has a responsibility to ensure that appropriate standards of air quality are maintained or improved as the city is developed and regenerated. The Dundee Local Development Plan and the process of determining planning applications are important tools for maintaining and improving upon air quality standards within the city.

The Dundee Local Development Plan was adopted in December 2013. Policy 44: โ€œAir Qualityโ€ย within the Dundee Local Development Plan sets the context for considering planning applications which may have an effect on air quality. The policy background draws attention to the local authorityโ€™s statutory duties, pollutants of concern in Dundee and the Councilโ€™s Air Quality Action Plan.

Policy 44: Air Qualityย within the Dundee Local Development Plan reads:

โ€˜There is a general presumption against development proposals that could significantly increase air pollution or introduce people into areas of elevated pollution concentrations unless mitigation measures are adopted to reduce the impact to levels acceptable to the Council.โ€™

Planning applications that have the potential to be detrimental to air quality, or those which introduce new residents within areas of existing poor air quality, may need to be accompanied by an air quality assessment. This isย in order toย identify the likely impact of the development andย any mitigation options that areย availableย if necessary.

Further information regarding planning applications can be obtained through theย Planningย Division pages of this website.


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