Youth Work

Working with Children and Young People

CLD Youth Work teams offer a range of learning opportunities for young people in Primary 7 and above across the city.

Youth Work is an educational practice contributing to young people’s learning and social development.  CLD Youth Work delivers learning opportunities and activities that allow young people to engage with:

  • Focusesed Health and Wellbeing
  • Skills for Life, Learning and Work including Volunteering
  • Diversionary Programmes
  • Supported Transitions from Primary to Secondary School

These all improve attainment and support young people to express their voice and demonstrate Social Commitment. Engagement with CLD Youth Work contributes towards young people:

  • building their health and wellbeing
  • developing and managing relationships effectively
  • creating and applying their learning and describing their skills and achievements
  • participating safetly and effectively in groups and teams
  • consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control
  • grow as active citizens, expressing their voice and enabling change
  • broaden their perspectives though new experiences and thinking 

We recognise learning, development and achievements through various accreditation programmes.

Photo collage of various youth groups indoors and outdoors activities.

Please contact the youth teams through their Instagram pages.

West Youth Team on Instagram

Central Youth Team on Instagram

East Youth Team on Instagram