Community Support and Youth Diversionary Youth Fund Awards Summary of 2023 Awards

Dundee City Council is delighted to support the following wide range of successful proposals to the Community Support and Youth Diversionary Youth Fund.  
£200,000 was made available to for additional community support provision and diversionary activities across the city aimed at supporting young people to grow as active citizens and reduce barriers to accessing support within their local communities.  £11,000 has already been allocated through a small summer grant fund and a further £169,000 has been allocated through the larger Community Support and Youth Diversionary Activities Fund.
Residual funds of £20,000 will be used to launch a further small grant diversionary fund, following the success of the summer small grant diversionary fund

  1. Yusuf Youth Initiative (£11,945)
    Funding will support the employment of 3 young people to develop diversionary activities, a youth advisory panel, and marketing plan to engage with the young BME community, with the aim of supporting 200 young people.
  2. ScrapAntics (£3,500)
    Funding will provide additional activities to support young people’s voice within the city centre, particularly New Scots. The project aims to engage 20 young people
  3. Dundee East Youth Team (£13,793.95)
    Funding will help purchase resources including 6 new goals (two 7 a-side and four 5 a-side goals).The aim is to engage over 300+ young people and provide access to football training and activities.
  4. LGBT Youth (£10,000)
    Funding will help develop a new partnership with Just Bee aimed at enhancing young people’s mental health and Well-being, through activities and workshops.  40 young people will be engaged with the project
  5. Hot Chocolate Trust (£29,209)
    Funding will help develop a world building approach to young people accessing the city centre, through a blend of street work, drop-ins, groupwork and individual support, as well as creative arts work in partnership with the V&A. The aim is to engage up to 120 young people with the project.
  6. Shaper/Caper (£3,000)
    Funding will support a partnership project with Dundee Pride, involving creative and physical activities aimed at increasing young people’s confidence and self-esteem.  Workshops will be delivered during October Holidays.
  7. Dundee Youth for Christ (£3,675)
    Funding will support the running of young people’s well-being café in the Overgate Centre, where young people can use the space to relax, unwind and engage in mindful activities.  The project aims to engage with 140 young people over the next 7 months.
  8. RockSolid (£9,625)
    Funding will help develop a positive mindset programme to support young people to adopt a can-do attitude, and the confidence to implement change through designing a diversionary youth programme.  The aim is to engage 30 young people through the programme
  9. Showcase the Street (£29,790)
    Funding will offer enhanced activities for young people with ADHD over the next 30 weeks. There will be the opportunity to access Kanzen Karate and Showcase the Streets Glam and Tech hub.  The aim is to engage 72 young people through the project.
  10. Strathmartine Community (£14,618)
    Funding will help support and develop increased diversionary activities within the Strathmartine Community, ranging from sport, music tuition, arts and crafts and Friday night events. The aim is to engage over 160+ young people in additional diversionary activities.
  11. Dundee Central Youth Team (£15,756)
    Funding will help to enhance diversionary activities in Coldside and Maryfield communities, including additional support to DISC Target Project, St Martin’s Youth Group and Hilltown Community Centre. The aim is to engage over140+ young people in additional activities.
  12. Street Soccer (£4000)
    Funding will help support the delivery of Friday evening physical activities at the Change Centre, South Road.  The aim is to engage up to 95 young people through the project.
  13. Helm Training (£18,345)
    Funding will help provide increased support to young people to take part in enhanced trades delivery programme in partnership with Robertson Construction, including brick-laying, painting and decorating and plumbing.  20 young people will be engaged with and sustain engagement with the Helm.