Air Quality Reports

As established by the Environment Act 1995 Part IV, all local authorities in the UK are under a statutory duty to undertake an air quality assessment within their area and determine whether they are likely to meet the air quality objectives for a number of pollutants.  The process of review and assessment of air quality undertaken by local authorities is set out under the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) regime and as of 2016 requires the local authority to produce an annual progress report detailing their review and assessment work in the previous calendar year.

The LAQM regime was first set down in the 1997 National Air Quality Strategy (NAQS) and introduced the idea of local authority ‘Review and Assessment’.  The Government and Devolved Administrations subsequently published policy and technical guidance related to the review and assessment processes in 1998.  This guidance has since been reviewed and the latest documents include Policy Guidance (PGS (16)) and Technical Guidance (TG (16)). The guidance lays down a progressive, but continuous, framework for the local authorities to carry out their statutory duties to monitor, assess and review air quality in their area and produce action plans to meet the air quality objectives.

A summary of the conclusions of the rounds of review and assessment so far are presented in the following table. Copies of the full report for each (where available) can be obtained by clicking on the title of that report.

Review & Assessment Reports

Brief Summary of Outcomes

Annual Progress Report 2023 (8.5MB PDF)
Annual Progress Report 2022 (9.5MB PDF)
Annual Progress Report 2021 (7.6MB PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2020 (7.0MB PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2019 (7.4MB PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2018 (8.2MB PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2017
(6.6MB PDF)

Annual Progress Report 2016
(8.0MB PDF)

Updating and Screening Assessment 2015 (9.91MB PDF)

Air Quality Progress Report 2014
4.2MB PDF)

Air Quality Progress Report 2013
(4.2MB PDF)

Updating and Screening Assessment 2012  (8.52MB pdf)

Air Quality Action Plan Progress Report 2012 (2.8MB PDF)

Progress Report 2011 (5.5MB PDF)


Progress Report 2010 (2.0MB PDF)


Updating and Screening Assessment 2009 (2010) (3.1MB PDF)


Further Assessment of Nitrogen Dioxide and Detailed Assessment of PM10 (2009) (2.3MB PDF)

Progress Report (2007) (4.0MB PDF)

Updating and Screening Assessment 2006 (9.9MB PDF)

Progress Report 2005 (2.1MB PDF)


Detailed Assessment 2005 (7.9MB PDF)


Updating and Screening Assessment 2003 (1.9MB PDF)

The imposition of stricter pollutant thresholds, changes in the technical guidance and methodologies for assessment led to an investigation of new areas. This review concluded that the NAQS for carbon monoxide, benzene, 1,3-butadiene and lead would be achieved. It was also concluded that a detailed assessment would be required as a result of potential exceedences of the NAQS for    NO2 and PM10 at busy roads and junctions and to investigate the likelihood of exceedences of the NAQS for sulphur dioxide at new residential premises introduced close to an industrial source.

Stage 2 2000

Additional monitoring was carried out and additional information was obtained concerning industrial and traffic sources. Screening assessments incorporating this new information were carried out in accordance with national guidance and concluded that the National Air Quality Standards and Objectives (NAQS) would be achieved in Dundee.

Stage 1 1998


The principle conclusion of Dundee City Council's Stage 1 report was that it was necessary to proceed to the next stage of assessment for all seven of the key LAQM pollutants ( nitrogen dioxide (NO2 ), particulate matter (PM10), lead, carbon monoxide (CO), benzene, 1,3-butadiene and sulphur dioxide(SO2) ). The chief reasons for this conclusion were a lack of available information relating to potentially significant traffic and industrial pollution sources within the city.


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