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Each local authority has a duty under Schedule 1 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 to form a Childrens Panel Advisory Committee (CPAC). (A joint CPAC for more than one authority may be permitted). Each CPAC has a minimum of 5 members. Scottish Ministers appoint the chairman and to members and the local authority nominates two additional members. The chairman must reside in the local authority area. At the request of the local authority, Scottish Ministers may increase the membership of the CPAC by a number of up to five further members. CPAC members are volunteers. Each CPAC has a clerk who is usually based in the Law and Administrative Department (or its equivalent) of the council.

The main duties of the CPAC are:

  • to give names of possible panel members to Scottish Ministers (after recruitment and selection)
  • to advise Scottish Ministers on the suitability of the people referred to them as potential panel members.
  • to give advice to Scottish Ministers as requested.

Some CPACs delegate tasks to a sub-committee of the CPAC.