Fishing Permits

Permits are required for the Tay Estuary at Dundee if you intend to catch salmon and sea trout. The permit costs £22.50 per year and applies to all the estuary shoreline between Invergowrie Burn and the Dighty Water at Barnhill. The fishing season runs from 15th January to 15th October each year. The permits do not apply to the Port Authority area which extends eastwards from the Tay Road Bridge to the Stannergate.

It is a condition of issue of these permits that annual returns of the number of salmon and sea trout caught are reported to the issuing authority. Possession of salmon and sea trout without a valid permit is a statutory offence under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (Scotland) (2003).

You are reminded that the Tay's policy for January  - 1st April  is that all spring salmon must be released. i.e. the Tay has a policy of 100% mandatory release of all salmon caught under the new Scottish Government Statutory Conservation Regulation. Spring salmon are a scarce and precious resource. Please preserve both them and the long term future of your sport by following the release of salmon as it is a now legal requirement during this period even if a fish has died.

Please note that this new legislation will supercede condition 9 of your permit during the catch and release period. (i.e. 15 January - 31 March, both dates inclusive).

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Fishing permits are available to purchase by completing the online application form.