Welfare Rights

Welfare Rights LogoThe Welfare Rights Service is now part of Dundee City Council's Advice Services.

Please telephone 01382 431188 and select the correct service as detailed:

For Scottish Welfare Fund press 1
For Council Advice Services (including Welfare Rights) press 2
For DEEAP Energy Advice press 3

Also for more information on changes to Social Security Benefits and what to claim please see here. This leaflet gives up to date information on what to claim and also gives contact details for Council Advice Services, Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau and Brooksbank Centre and Services.

Universal Credit Migration Important Update for those receiving Tax Credits (18th January 2024 update)

Tax credits are coming to an end, and people will need to apply for Universal Credit instead.  Look out for a letter called a Universal Credit Migration Notice from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) explaining what you’ll need to do, and when. The timetable for letters depends on what tax credits/other benefits you are currently receiving. The latest timescales are shown in the following table:

Tax Credits Only From 22nd January 2024
Tax Credits with Housing Benefit From April 2024
Housing Benefit From April 2024
Income Support From April 2024
Income Related Employment and Support with Child Tax Credits From July 2024
Income Based Jobseekers Allowance From September 2024
Income Related Employment and Support Allowance To be confirmed

Note: It is important that in order to receive Transitional Protection, you do not make a claim for Universal Credit before you receive a Migration Notice letter.

Please don’t ignore this letter as your tax credits will end and if you haven’t applied for Universal Credit there will be a delay in receiving your benefits. Before you apply for Universal Credit, it is important to renew your tax credits, if you are asked to by HMRC (who manage Tax Credits), and check all your tax credits information is right. This is to help make sure the amount of Universal Credit you receive is correct.

On Universal Credit, many people will be entitled to the same amount they received from their previous benefits, or more. If the amount you are entitled to on Universal Credit is less than your existing benefits, a top up amount is available. This is called Transitional Protection. You can get the Transitional Protection if you have received a Migration Notice letter from DWP and make a claim by the deadline date on your letter. You will not get this Transitional Protection if you apply for Universal Credit before you receive your Migration Notice so wait for this notice to arrive before applying. 

If you are having difficulty with this process please use local Advice agencies  

Welfare Rights Team 01382 431188 (option2)
Citizens Advice 01382 214633
Brooksbank Advice Centre 01382 432450 

Benefits and Tax Credits

The Welfare Rights Team can help Dundee residents sort out a wide range of benefit and tax credit problems. We can identify what benefits you may be entitled to, assess the merits of your case if you want to challenge a decision, and represent you at tribunal if you have a case.

For example: your claim for benefit or tax credits may have been refused, your benefit may have stopped, you may want to see if benefit can be backdated or report a change in circumstance, or you may have been over paid.

Contact Us

Email: cas@dundeecity.gov.uk
Phone: 01382 431188 (option 2) (Advice Line Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm)

Council Advice Services, Corporate Services Department,
Floor 3, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street,
Dundee DD1 1FA