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The Property Asset Management and Development team undertake property valuation and development functions in relation to the City Council's heritable assets and co-ordinate the asset management planning for these assets.

The Property Development and Asset Management team's duties include:

  • Strategic Property Asset Management- the coordination of Council owned property assets to ensure that the land and building asset base is optimally structured to maximize efficiency in delivery of services. In addition, it shall provide an agency service for the Council in the disposal and development of heritable assets in the open market and in undertaking this service shall apply good estates practices.
  • Rating Appeals - auditing and minimizing the City Council's Rates liability.
  • Compulsory Purchase - liaising with the appropriate bodies to conclude CPOs.
  • Valuation for Council House Sales - providing Council House Valuations or liaising with District Valuer to provide valuations.
  • Property Development - supervises and co-ordinates the servicing and development of new serviced sites and factory units in industrial estates.
  • Development Funding - research and implementation of various methods of funding for property development.
  • Property Market Analysis - monitoring of local industrial and commercial property markets and the provision, availability and take-up of industrial and commercial space within the city.
  • Acquisition and Disposal - negotiation in relation to the acquisition and disposal of land and property for development.
  • Financial Control - monitoring and control of property development income and expenditure.
  • Property Enquiry Certificate Service - the co-ordination of information held by the Council relating to the status of a property, and the production of certificate required for property transactions.