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The Energy Management Team carries out various duties to enable the Director of City Development to fulfil his Corporate 'client' role with regard to property asset management including carbon / energy management. The Energy Management Team prepare, implement and review policy and procedures to ensure best practice property asset management is adhered to. 

The Energy Management team's duties include:

  • Technical and professional competency necessary for implementation of "Best Value" service provision and identification of improvements.
  • Compliance auditing, performance monitoring & targeting at all levels of the property management process, maintenance and utilization of records.
  • Advice on procurement, budget setting, monitoring and targeting and predictions for periodic expenditure.
  • Verification and payment of gas, electricity, oil and water of utility suppliers invoices.
  • Management and control of the City Council's energy management systems to ensure optimum performance.
  • Audits and reports identifying how energy is used on site, and providing recommendations on financially viable reduction schemes.
  • Energy management and advice to all City Council energy users.
  • Energy design advice on new build and refurbishment works in liaison with other City Council departments.
  • Energy budget setting, monitoring and targeting of gas, electricity, oil and water, with predictions of end of year spends.
  • Investigating, advice & promotion of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives (e.g. renewable energy).
  • Promotion of partnership initiatives with other local authorities and NHS Trusts on energy-related matters, including energy purchasing and pilot energy efficiency schemes.