Children's Services and Community Justice

Jane Martin
Jane Martin
Head of Integrated Children's Services & Community Justice / Chief Social Work Officer

Children’s Services and Community Justice have been brought together to build stronger links between public and child protection and youth and adult community justice. These arrangements form part of the Children & Families Service and support the implementation in Dundee of a range of national policies which support children, young people, families, and reducing reoffending.

Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO)

It is a legal requirement for every local authority to have an appropriately qualified and experienced Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO). Jane Martin carries out this role in Dundee and provides professional advice to Dundee City Council, including Elected Members, Chief Officers and the Integration Joint Board (IJB), on the operation of social work duties.

The Chief Social Work Officer (CSWO) provides an annual report to the Scottish Government and assists the Council and its partners to better understand the complexities around social work on issues such as corporate parenting, child and adult protection and the management of high risk offenders.

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