% of the workforce under 25

Dundee City Council is committed to developing its workforce and providing job opportunities for the young people of Dundee.  In 2020, 4.91% of the workforce were under the age of 25, which decreased to 4.80% in 2021.  In 2022 the percentage of the workforce under 25 has increased to 5.49% as we we continue to invest in young people across Dundee and support and develop career and job opportunities for young people in the Council’s internal job market.

Dundee City Council has an ambitious programme of strategic change to ensure we continuously develop and improve services which are sustainable for the future, while taking into consideration our demographic profiles of our workforce to ensure we factor this into service plans.  The council has an interactive workforce data tool to assist management in services to examine their current workforce and succession planning and talent management workshops and e-resources are also available to support managers in this area.  The workforce planning tool supported the youth employability service to identify service areas where there were opportunities for young people, through the Dundee Young Person’s Guarantee, can be developed which support succession planning and enhancement of the wider workforce.

We offer a range of apprenticeships in duration from one year to four years and the qualifications range from SVQ to degree level.  On the successful completion of the apprenticeship, many of the young people will be placed in the post permanently, subject to a competency-based interview.

Dundee City Council is also committed to supporting the Scottish Government’s COVID19 recovery plan and provided trainee opportunities for 10 young people on Department for Work and Pension’s Kickstart Scheme.  This was also further enhanced by the development of additional apprenticeship opportunities funded through the Scottish Government’s Young Person Guarantee Scheme.