More Workers in the City Getting a Fair Wage

More Workers in the City Getting a Fair Wage  Image

Tayside Garage Doors Limited has been announced as the latest Living Wage employer in the city.

The company employs four staff. The company’s Living Wage accreditation ensures that all staff and regular contracted workers earn the voluntary rate of pay set annually by the Living Wage Foundation, currently set at £9 an hour.

Dundee City Council Fairness spokesperson, Councillor Lynne Short, said: “Dundee has an ambition to become the first Living Wage city in the UK and this accreditation moves us a step closer to making this dream a reality.

“I am delighted that Tayside Garage Doors Ltd has become an accredited employer - we want more employers across the city to pay the real Living Wage.

“Every employer in Dundee can help tackle low pay in the city, and the Dundee Living Wage City Action Group is available to help and guide local employers through any challenges they might face in committing to the real Living Wage.

"Lots of businesses in the city already pay the real Living Wage and I want to encourage them to seek accreditation and move Dundee a step closer to achieving our goal of becoming the first Living Wage City.

“We have lots of announcements over the week to highlight how as a city we are challenging poverty. Poverty restricts people’s ability to live their lives, but by ensuring that they are paid a fair wage we can help reduce poverty in the city.”

Simone Nisbet, Company Director of Tayside Garage Doors Ltd, said: “I think there are many businesses out there that pay the Living Wage or more but don’t know that they can be accredited or know how to do this.

“I feel that if more employers were accredited then this would encourage other businesses in Dundee to investigate whether they can afford to take the leap themselves. It may even encourage the bigger employers to do so too.

“At Tayside Garage Doors, we feel strongly that we should do our best to pay our staff as much as we can afford. Any financial worries would be stressful, we’d hate to add to the stress that life already brings.

“I hope further Dundee businesses will be encouraged by Challenge Poverty Week to get accredited as Living Wage employers.”

Lynn Anderson, Living Wage Places National Coordinator, said: “Congratulations to Tayside Garage Doors on becoming an accredited Living Wage employer.

“Paying the real Living Wage is an important tool to help tackle in-work poverty, and it is fantastic that employers in Dundee are showcasing their collective drive to make the real Living Wage the expected norm across the city.

“By becoming Living Wage accredited, Tayside Garage Doors join the drive to make Dundee a Living Wage City, and join a growing movement of over 1500 Scottish employers who together want to go further than the government minimum to make sure that all their staff earn enough to live on.”

The Living Wage Foundation and Living Wage Scotland have recently launched a new toolkit to help local areas become Living Wage Places, with support from Carnegie UK Trust.                                  

Living Wage Places: A Toolkit on Tackling Low Pay by Celebrating Local Action is aimed at businesses and communities that are interested in developing a place-based approach to increasing the number of people earning a real Living Wage, and tackling in-work poverty.

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