Scam Telephone Calls

Scam Telephone Calls Image

Dundee residents are being warned to look out for automated phone calls pretending to be from their bank or card company, after a wave of reports of similar scams, including calls to elderly residents in Sheltered Housing. 

This is a common scam and banking and finance trade association UK Finance have previously urged consumers to stay alert. 

Victims have received an automated phone call claiming to be from their bank or card provider, saying there's been a suspicious transaction on their account.

They were then asked to verify the transaction by pressing a number on their phone to take them through to an "agent" β€“ who is actually a fraudster. 

Remember that your bank, card provider or the police will NEVER contact you out of the blue asking for PINs or passwords, or telling you to transfer money to another account. 

If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious during a call, hang up and call your bank or card provider directly on its official phone number. 

Depute Convener of the Community Safety and Public Protection Committee, Councillor Lynne Short said β€œThere has been a spike in reported cases over the last few days which suggests the scammers may be targeting the 01382 area code.

β€œNever give out personal information if you are at all suspicious. If the person claiming to be from your bank is insistent then hang up and call your bank’s customer services department or get a contact number from their website.

β€œIf you fear you have lost money to a scam then call Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000.

β€œIf you want general advice on the technology available to stop nuisance calls then email Dundee Trading Standards on or call 01382 436260.”

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