Photographic Competition Exhibition

Photographic Competition Exhibition Image

Details of the winning photographs of the 53rd Annual Photographic Competition + Exhibition have been revealed.

An exhibition of entries will be on display in the Central Library, Wellgate Centre from 6 March until 20 March.

The competition is run annually and is open to all photographers living within the boundaries of Dundee, and to all members of Dundee Photographic Society.

The prizes up for grabs were:

Dundee Corporation Trophy

This trophy and prize voucher, is awarded for the best 3 images in print and/or projected image with the highest total marks in the competition which best portray Dundee.

Trophy Winner: Rikki O’Neill with

1st    β€œA Desperate Visit to V&A”

2nd   β€œRed V&A”

3rd    β€œDiscovery and V&A” 

Robert Saunders Trophy

This trophy was presented by Messrs Robert and Ivan Saunders to commemorate their father who was an early exponent of colour photography. Awarded annually for the best projected image taken in any park in Dundee. Dundee

Trophy Winner: Roland Proctor with β€œVictoria Park in Winter”                           

 Photographic Society Trophy - Open Competition

The DPS trophy was donated by Dundee Photographic Society in recognition of the photographer who, overall, obtains the highest aggregate points from projected image, monochrome and colour print sections in the open competition. This will automatically include all images submitted for the Dundee Corporation and Robert Saunders Competitions.

Trophy Winner: for highest aggregate score: Al Buntin

Under 18 - The Jim Coleman Trophy

Trophy winner: Lidia Branicka   β€œStones”

 See the winning entries here!

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