Council set to strengthen stand on domestic abuse

Council set to strengthen stand on domestic abuse Image

Dundee City Council is set to strengthen its stand against domestic violence. 

The community safety and public protection committee is being asked to sign up to the Make a Stand pledge, which has been developed by the Chartered Institute of Housing in partnership with Women’s Aid and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance. 

The pledge encourages housing organisations to support people experiencing domestic abuse. 

Councillor Allan Ross, committee convener, said: “Although the council has a long history of acting against domestic abuse, signing this pledge would strengthen our efforts to help those who suffer and need support. 

“The council’s housing letting policy is already very sensitive to these issues. 

“Dundee City Council works with a wide range of agencies and individuals, including a strong local Violence Against Women Partnership. 

“This pledge will build on the efforts that are already ongoing and remind everyone of our commitment to end the scourge of domestic violence and help the victims of this unnaceptable behaviour.”

The strategic aim of the Dundee Multi Agency Violence Against Women Partnership is to ensure that organisations, communities and individuals across Dundee are encouraged and supported to work together to prevent and end all forms of violence against women and children.  The aim is to reduce the occurrence and impact of violence against women in Dundee. 

There are four parts to the Make a Stand pledge that, by signing, the council would be committed to meeting by September 2019.  

These are: 

  • Put in place and embed a policy to support residents who are affected by domestic abuse. 
  • Make information about  national and local domestic abuse support services available on the council's  website and in other appropriate places so that they are  easily accessible for residents and  staff. 
  • Put in place a Human Resources policy, or amend an existing policy, to support members of staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Appoint a champion at a senior level to own the activity we do to support people experiencing domestic abuse. 

The committee will hear that pledge one is met by the current letting policy, pledge two by information available on the council’s website and pledge three by the council’s workplace policy on gender violence. 

It is proposed that Elaine Zwirlein, executive director of neighbourhood services becomes the senior level champion. 

The committee meets on Monday February 18.

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