Accessibility Improvement Plans for Sheltered Housing

Accessibility Improvement Plans for Sheltered Housing Image

Accessibility at sheltered housing complexes across Dundee could be improved if a tender is approved by councillors.

The neighbourhood services committee is being asked to allow spending of just over Β£31,000 to allow the installation of power assisted entry door openers at various complexes around the city.

Committee convener Councillor Kevin Cordell said; β€œThis is a superb proposal that will help with accessibility issues at sheltered housing complexes and help improve the lives of people who live in them.

β€œResidents with mobility issues may struggle to open doors, and this new investment will mean that the touch of a button is all it takes.

β€œThis will really help people in their daily lives.”


Meanwhile, the committee on Monday February 18 will also be asked to approve nearly Β£1 million worth of other tenders including boiler and roof replacements.

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