Royal couple visit Michelin action group

Royal couple visit Michelin action group Image

The Michelin Dundee Action Group met in Dundee today on Tuesday, January 29 to drive forward a programme of work that will secure a long-term future for Michelin’s Dundee site and any associated jobs.

Group members were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were able to meet workers from the Michelin factory and hear first-hand how they have been affected by the news that tyre production is to cease on the site.

During the meeting, The Duke spoke of Dundee’s transformation and the power of communities working collaboratively to deliver economic and social transformation.

He said: “The factory has been a huge part of Dundee’s very fabric. It has been a key employer for generations and has helped sustain the local economy for nearly 50 years.

“For everyone affected, the hope is that all of you sat in this room can find a positive way forward. You all deserve enormous credit for sitting around this table together to find a constructive way forward.

“As I have just heard, when a community faces uncertainty, people feel more optimistic when leaders such as yourselves work together for that community.

“Because of the collaborative approach adopted by the people in this room, I am optimistic that a good outcome is possible with the site at Michelin.”

Action Group members were able to review current progress of the workstreams, which range from workforce transition and reskilling of staff to low carbon energy and sustainable mobility projects that will transform the site into an ambitious Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc for new economic and employment opportunities.

Councillor John Alexander, leader of Dundee City Council, said: “The time spent by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meeting Michelin workers and hearing about the Action Group’s progress is greatly appreciated.

“A broad range of actions were discussed today, from the support being offered to affected workers to the Memorandum of Understanding which underpins the new Michelin-Scotland Alliance and the development of the Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc.

“While there is still a long road ahead, we are all working hard to identify and deliver sustainable, job-creating opportunities for the site.”

Economy Secretary Derek Mackay said: “I want to thank the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for attending the Michelin Dundee Action Group and for recognising the collaborative approach we have taken to secure a long term future for the Michelin Dundee site.

“The Scottish Government will continue to do everything we can to support the repurposing of the Michelin Dundee site as an Innovation Parc, as it becomes a key location for low carbon energy and low carbon transport development in Scotland.

“The Memorandum of Understanding with Michelin, signed just before Christmas, confirms our shared aim to secure a long-term future for the site and to generate significant employment there. This will encompass the transformation of the site, and supporting and developing the skills and the capacity of their dedicated workforce.

“We are already driving forward phase one of the Michelin-Scotland Alliance projects through our ‘One Scotland’ approach, working with local, regional, and national partners from the public and private sectors; with the UK Government; and, of course, with the trade unions.”

Co-chair of the Michelin Dundee Action Group and CEO of Scottish Enterprise, Steve Dunlop said: ““We are grateful to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for taking the time to meet with Michelin staff and join us at the fourth meeting of the Michelin Dundee Action Group.

“The immediate focus of the Group has been on ensuring the right support is available to those who are facing redundancy whilst putting wheels in motion for a number of workstreams that will deliver exciting new projects for the future of the site. 

“It’s still early days for those projects but we are optimistic that there will be exciting new developments in the pipeline that will not only further accelerate Scotland’s low carbon journey but will provide new employment opportunities for the Dundee community.”

Jérôme Monsaingeon, in charge of the Michelin-Scotland alliance for the tyre maker said: “We are honoured to have been able to present to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge our vision for the future of Michelin in Dundee.

"We would like to thank them for the support they have demonstrated and the time they have spent with members of our workforce in the city. We are delighted to be able to work alongside the whole of Team Scotland to ensure the best possible outcome for our people and the local economy and help usher in a new era of low carbon energy and sustainable mobility.”

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