Low Emission Zone Research

Low Emission Zone Research Image

ALMOST Β£350,000 has been awarded to Dundee to explore the impact on traffic of a low emission zone (LEZ).

The city is one of four Scottish local authorities committed to introducing an LEZ before 2020.

Councillor Alan Ross, convener of Dundee City Council’s community safety and public protection committee, said: β€œWe are absolutely determined to improve air quality in Dundee for residents and visitors and the introduction of an LEZ will go a long way towards doing that.

β€œVehicle emissions are bad for people and the environment and along with a raft of other measures we will ensure they are reduced in our city.”

Councillor Mark Flynn, depute convener of city development committee, added: β€œOur LEZ is at a very early stage but we need to get moving fast because 2020 is just around the corner.

β€œThis money will help us to find out what an LEZ will do to traffic movements around the city and to appoint a consultant to help with that work and other related issues.”

Dundee City Council has set up an LEZ delivery group which has been awarded Β£200k from the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland to develop a traffic model.

A further Β£140k was given to provide consultancy support and additional regional LEZ modelling.

After an open tender process to select consultants the council appointed Systra.

Councillors will be informed of the funding at a meeting of the community safety and public protection committee on Monday, January 7.

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