Residents' parking scheme


DUNDEE City Council has agreed to introduce a new residents’ only parking scheme in three council wards surrounding the city centre.

The scheme for Coldside, Maryfield and West End will see residents pay for a permit to ensure on street parking is available for their exclusive use.

Now before preparing the Traffic Regulation Orders council officers will consult on the detailed implementation of the scheme with communities in the affected areas.

Among those asked for their views on how and when the scheme should be rolled out and how much it will cost will be community councils, residents’ and tenants’ groups.

A report will be brought back to the city development committee on the results of the consultation in due course.

Lynne Short committee convener said: “Ultimately the status quo is not sustainable for our communities, our air quality and our residential streets.

“So I am pleased that the committee agreed to introduce the schemes and some additional consultation on how exactly they are going to work.

“The schemes will be introduced area by area starting in the next financial year (2018/2019) in Coldside, with a review of their effectiveness planned for 2020/2021 and local councillors and community workers will be fully briefed on how the proposals will affect each community before they are rolled out.

“Now we have agreement to start the process and the principle of having residents’ parking schemes in these three wards is established, officers will now work on the detail and I look forward to involving communities on how best to implement the schemes in their areas.”

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