Save Time, Do It Online!

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The internet has changed forever the way we do day-to-day tasks like checking bank balances or ordering shopping.

And now people in Dundee are being encouraged to use the web anytime, anywhere to access a wider-than-ever range of council information and services.

The Save Time, Do It Online campaign, which follows the relaunch of Dundee City Council’s website, is part of the authority’s drive to become a digital council by 2020.

Council leader John Alexander said: β€œThe revamped website is a fantastic portal to the council and the range of services that it offers.

β€œWe know that people lead busy lives and don’t always have time to phone up and make a payment or request a service during the working day.

β€œThose services are available 24/7 on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. It’s convenient and means people don’t have to wait at peak times.

β€œIt’s all about making life easier for the public.”

The Save Time, Do It Online campaign aims to raise awareness of the variety of services which are now available online on this site.

They range from making a council tax payment or ordering a new bin to finding a new home or reporting a pothole.

As part of the campaign, users are being encouraged to sign up for a MyDundee account, which makes it easier than ever to carry out transactions and request services.

Executive director of corporate services Greg Colgan said: β€œWe want as many people as possible to sign up for a MyDundee account.

β€œIt’s quick and easy to do, and allows access to services like paperless council tax bills.

β€œThousands of households have signed up already, but with around 70,000 households receiving their council tax details in a few weeks’ time, there are lots more who could switch.

β€œIt’s convenient for the public and has wider benefits too. For each transaction we move online we can save between Β£2.40 and Β£7.40 to invest in frontline services.”

Services which are available online also include reporting fly tipping, checking school holidays or bin collection dates and passing on a compliment or complaint.

Users can find out about dogs needing rehomed at Brown Street Kennels, arrange or change a direct debit and keep up to date with events taking place in the city.

Councillor Alexander added: β€œThe relaunch of our website and expansion of online services is part of our digital strategy, which was published last year. That has set the council on a path to becoming a digital council by 2020.

β€œThe aim set out in the strategy is to encourage citizens to think digital first when requesting services because it is quicker and more convenient to do so.”

Research shows that around three in four adults in Dundee have all of the basic skills required to take advantage of the internet. Some 99% of Dundee households are capable of receiving fast broadband.

β€œWe appreciate, nonetheless, that not everyone has easy access to the web at home, so we’ve been working hard to increase digital access for the public, including the provision of public access computer terminals in local libraries and council offices,” said Councillor Alexander.

β€œAnd, of course, for those who can’t or don’t want to go online, we’ll continue to provide face-to-face, telephone and email access to customer services.”

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