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TOURISTS who come to Dundee by coach to experience the city’s big events next year will find it open for business.

As part of a drive to become recognised as a Coach Friendly City, Dundee City Council has joined forces with the trade body, Confederation of Passenger Transport, (CPT)  to create new drop off/pick up, unlimited stay and long term parking for coaches.

Lynne Short convener of the council’s city development committee welcomed the move.

She said: β€œPeople can choose any number of ways of getting here depending on their preference, budget and the amount of time available to them, and we will welcome them all with open arms.

β€œThat’s why it’s crucial that we create facilities that make it easy for coach operators to get into the city, and to be able to pick up/drop off or park near to our many attractions.”

Jeremy Tinsley, general manager, CPT UK - Scotland said: β€œCPT are delighted that Dundee have recognised the value of coach to the local economy. The addition of coach facilities throughout the city will allow passengers to spend more time in the excellent attractions, shops and restaurants.

β€œWe look forward to working with the city and is officers over the coming months to achieve our coach friendly status."

Coach tourism in Scotland generated almost Β£8.5m in 2015 according to recent figures.

UK-wide statistics for the same period revealed that there were an estimated two million overnight holidays and 17 million day trips involving organised coach tours with a total value of Β£1.2 billion.

Cllr Short added: β€œBy next summer we want to be recognised by the CPT as a Coach Friendly City that is open for business and happy to help and.from personal experience of travelling with tourists to major destinations means I am acutely aware of the services needed for coach drivers and guides.

β€œAs well as 2018 marking the opening of V&A Museum of Design, the Open is just down the road in Carnoustie, there will be calls at the city by cruise ships, we will host the 7th World Union of Karate Federations World Karate Championships, major gigs at Slessor Gardens and some of the new hotels currently under construction will welcome their first guests.

β€œIt will be a big year for us and coach passengers and operators are welcome to join the party.”

There are now nine designated 30 minutes pick up/drop off points for coaches throughout Dundee City Centre, six unlimited stay spaces and 24 hours secure parking.

A new map showing the drop off/pick up, unlimited stay and long term parking for coaches has been produced and can be seen at

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