Review of Rent Charges

Review of Rent Charges  Image

Councillors are being asked to approve a consultation on rent increase options for council house tenants.

Members of the committee will be asked to approve discussions with tenants on a range of options for annual increases of 3%, 3.25% or 3.5%, being average weekly increases of Β£2.13, Β£2.31 and Β£2.48 respectively.

During a two month consultation period tenants will be asked to express their preference of the three options before a report is prepared and considered by the neighbourhood services committee in January.

As further welfare reforms introduced by the UK Government are now being implemented, the provisional budget includes a proposal to increase the Hardship Fund by Β£200,000 for 2018/19 in order to mitigate the impact of these changes on Council house tenants.

Neighbourhood Services Convener Kevin Cordell said: β€œThe options in rent increase will allow for additional resources to tackle fuel poverty through accelerating our external wall insulation - as requested by tenants throughout the year.

β€œThe informed and intelligent dialogue that we have with tenants each year as part of the consultation shows clearly how successful this exercise is and I look forward to that continuing.

β€œTenants know why we are suggesting the increases we are, what they will get for their money and what benefits it will bring.”

β€œThis council is working to help council tenants deal with the new welfare reforms, we are proposing to increase the Hardship Fund by Β£200,000 to assist our tenants suffering financial hardship as a result of the new reforms.”

As in previous years the consultation will include a number of local community events, discussions with Registered Tenants Organisations and information on the council's website and in council offices.

The Neighbourhood Services Committee meets on Monday (October 30).

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