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A MOVING visual record of recovery from substance dependency will go on display for the first time later this week in Dundee.

Through a series of personal photographs the ground breaking Developing Recovery project is helping people moving on from substance dependency to tell their story through film photography.

Launched in August, and backed by the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership, the project loaned film cameras to around 40 people in recovery, relatives and carers to document what it means for them.

Now the fruits of their labours using the mounted prints and the story of the photograph to highlight what recovery means are going on show at the city’s Steeple Church.

Ken Lynn chair of the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership said: β€œWhen this idea was first brought to my attention I thought it was one of the most interesting and creative ways of dealing with recovery that I had ever heard.

β€œGiving people recovering from substance dependency a way of documenting their own deeply personal experiences by taking the pictures of subjects important to them and their recovery journey, gives them a voice they have may never have had.

β€œThe exhibition provides everyone with the chance to see an honest view of recovery through the lens of the people who are actually living it in our communities day to day.

β€œIts role in challenging some of the negative pre-conceptions around recovery and giving us all hope and inspiration is vitally important.”

Despite becoming an obsolete or specialised technology project organisers sourced β€œpoint and shoot” film cameras through friends, relations and the help of the Dundee Photographic Society.

The exhibition, which will show 40 pictures, will run for six months and opens tomorrow (Thursday OCTOBER 26) with an evening of music and entertainment in association with DRYve Night and Just Bee Productions.

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