Road safety plea to drivers

Road safety plea to drivers Image

A LEADING councillor has called on motorists using side streets in a Dundee scheme to  drive with more care and attention after a family pet lost its life.

The six week old puppy was killed in Balbeggie Street, Douglas by a white van in an early morning hit and run two weeks ago.

Now Mark Flynn, deputy convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee has called on drivers to show common sense and restraint.

He said: “Some people who live in the area are worried that Balbeggie Street is being used to avoid traffic calming measures in Balunie Avenue, but they are obviously there for a reason.

“The council has just finished a short survey of traffic speed and volume on Balbeggie Street, and while the average speed was within safe limits, some drivers are still going too fast for the conditions.

“There were almost 1000 vehicles a day in this short stretch of residential street where young families live and that’s while nearby Claypotts Primary School is on holiday.

“With the new term starting next week and lots of little primary ones thinking more about school than road safety, it’s up to drivers to be responsible adults.

“One family have lost their pet puppy and I’m sure no one wants it to be a child injured or worse because some motorist isn’t paying enough attention.

“It is not practical or possible to put physical measures into every street in Dundee to stop irresponsible drivers doing something at best anti-social and at worst potentially deadly. So I am appealing to motorists to make sure they drive within speed limit and for the conditions.”

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