Unsafe chargers seized

Unsafe chargers seized Image

MORE THAN 600 potentially dangerous phone/tablet charges have been seized by Trading Standards Officers in Dundee.

The devices, imported from China by a Dundee firm, could have caused a fire or given anyone using them an electric shock.

Local trading standards officers acted following a tip-off from colleagues in Suffolk and will now destroy the dangerous devices.

Alan Ross convener of Dundee City Council’s community safety and public protection committee said: “If these chargers had been supplied to the public there could have been serious consequences so the actions of our Trading Standards team were first class.

“They work closely with colleagues throughout the UK to prevent unsafe goods reaching the retail market

“In this case it was the first time the company had imported this type of equipment and after this experience they have given us an undertaking that they will not do so again and comply with consumer protection legislation in the future.

“Trading Standards will monitor this business going forward to ensure compliance of the goods it sells."

After testing it was found that the chargers breached safety regulations because there was poor soldering between the circuits, inadequate labelling and the pins on the plugs were not the correct size.

All 630 of the chargers will be destroyed.

Cllr Ross added: “I would advise Dundee businesses who import goods to sell to consumers in the UK to get advice from Trading Standards before doing so by calling 01382 436260.

“Similarly if consumers have safety concerns over goods they have purchased they can call 03454 040506 for advice.”

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