Celebrate National Vegetarian Week at Lifegate Church

Celebrate National Vegetarian Week at Lifegate Church  Image

Adult Learning, Dundee Healthy Living and Lifegate will be hosting a vegetarian and vegan lunch to celebrate National Vegetarian Week on Friday (19th May).

The Lifegate Church will host this free lunch with the help of local volunteers and the Vegetarian Society to show how varied and delicious veggie food is.

National Vegetarian week runs from Monday 15th – 21st May with various events across the country to encourage people to go meat free for a week.

Here in Dundee, this amazing lunch, will not only be healthy and well balanced, it will show that maintaining a veggie lifestyle can be easy.

The benefits of maintaining a meat free diet are huge, it can be a cost effective way of staying healthy, reduce your carbon footprint, and allow you to eat sustainably.

Recipe books will be provided leading more people to try more vegetarian and vegan recipes which in turn leads to an understanding of how varied and delicious veggie food can be.


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