Protecting people is everyone's responsibility

Protecting people is everyone

PROTECTING people in Dundee at risk of harm is the focus of a new framework for professionals and public has been launched in the city.

The document identifies and points staff in the frontline of protecting people to learning and development resources that will give them with the knowledge and skills they need to help keep individuals safe from harm.

Successful techniques and knowledge gained in other fields, including child protection and violence against women have been adapted for use in the framework for adult support and protection.

Agencies involved in protecting people in the city, including Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside and Police Scotland, are signed up to the new framework and will incorporate it in their own staff learning and development programmes.

In addition to staff, everyone including carers, volunteers, parents, members of community groups and the public can get access to the material which will be published on the protecting people website.

Most of the information and training is free and includes links to e-learning courses and specialist information sites as well as giving people the chance to book places on workshops, briefings and courses.

The framework will also help to reinforce the message that protecting people is everyone’s responsibility.

It will help the right staff to have the right level of knowledge and skills and also encourage managers, staff and carers to think creatively about ways they can meet their learning and development requirements in the field of protecting people.

It can be found on the protecting people website at

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